Prime Ape Planet PAP

Hollywood Artists Behind The Prime Ape Planet NFT

Hollywood is the capital of the film and entertainment industry. This domain is home to many talented, creative people who can work wonders with even the smallest elements on the screen. However, not all-time best movies are made by only actors or directors. There are several other teams involved in bringing a movie from script to reality – one of them being artists. Although it might not be the most important part of the movie-making process, good artists are essential to every aspect of film productions.

Remember the stunning and terrifying Planet of The Apes (serial 1966–1968)? It was one of the most popular sci-fi series, which captured many hearts and made a huge impact on cinema history. Although this franchise is not all about apes only, we used them to describe its greatness; we also think that this fictional planet has brought us one of the best Hollywood stories ever.

So, this is where we meet our heroes: a group of three talented artists who have amazed us with their unique works and amazing vision.

Kurtis Dawe (the project leader), Travis Smith, and Chris Hogstead created the Prime Ape Planet NFT. Each artist has countless years of experience in film industry and has worked in a number of major projects.

Kurtis is an expert in various digital art fields, with 14 years of experience. His main area of expertise lies in visual effects for movies, which includes 3D modeling, texturing, lighting/rendering, and compositing. Next to that, Kurtis has also been working as a 3D matte-painter and illustrator.

Travis Smith is another talented artist from this team, who has worked with the industry’s best for over 10 years. His primary areas of expertise lie within animation rendering and textures. He has also been working as an animator and illustrator – among other things – which makes him a true Hollywood specialist.

Chris Hogstead is the last of the team, but he is not to be underestimated. He has been creating digital art sets for movies for years on a number of incredible projects – some of which are: Godzilla, Avengers, The Witcher, etc.

All of these artists have something in common: their love for Hollywood films and the entertainment industry in general. Combined with this inspiration and talent, they were able to create something that will be remembered for generations to come: the Prime Ape Planet NFT.

The goal was simple: to create one of the most unique artworks ever seen. And that’s what they did – with a passion. Together they created an artistic masterpiece, which is a visual masterpiece too.

Today, the Prime Ape Planet NFT is making headlines in the crytpo world. It has been published on a number of significant platforms and is causing the biggest impression yet. The incredible team behind this artwork expects nothing but success, as they continue to amaze us with their talent and imagination.

Kurtis Dawe, Travis Smith, and Chris Hogstead are the minds behind this amazing NFT. We expect to see more of their incredible work in the near future.